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CBD Muscle Balm - 500mg


Key Elements

• Organic CBD
• Full Spectrum
• Lab Tested
• CO2 Extracted


Natural CBD skin & muscle balm is to be used for relieving those soothing aches and pains.

Containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids along with organic beeswax, coconut and hemp oil. These beauties are fast-acting with long lasting benefits.

Nourish your skin whilst assisting when skin flare ups or sensitivity arises. Maintaining a radiant skin texture and tone. CBD balms are the way forward!

Dosage & Usage

Repairs, soothes and restores the skin when used in a targeted area.

A fair amount can be rubbed into most parts of the body including the face and neck.


• Organic CBD Extract (500mg)
• Organic Virgin Hemp Oil
• Organic Beeswax
• Organic Vitamin E
• Organic Fractionated Coconut


Avoid contact with eyes or broken skin. If contact, rinse with water until the balm is removed.

This product is not for consumption and must be applied to the skin.

Keep out of reach of children.