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"Absolutely love Inflow Alternative. I wouldn't get my CBD any other way! The quality is of the highest and my parents continue to feel the benefits. I'm a returning customer and will continue to use Inflow Alternative for his products."
"Initially I wasn't a fan of CBD. When I first tried it I bought from Holland and Barrett as it was cheaper than Inflow, but it didn't help with my back pain at all. I was then told to give Inflow CBD a try and I haven't looked back."
"Above and beyond from inflow, communication was amazing with follow ups making sure I received and was enjoying the product."

Small caring businesses, good customer service from people who actually care and it shows."
"Brought a 20% tincture oil recently from Inflow and couldn't be more pleased with the service. Discussed at length with Ollie the reason I wanted to try it and he was able to give me some great advice. He is extremely knowledgeable about CBD and all of his products. Communication, service and delivery were spot on and super quick. Couldn't recommend enough."

The Journey

The Beginning

Inflow Alternative was born in 2019 shortly after becoming more conscious of my own food choices and lifestyle decisions. Exploring new approaches to relaxation and travelling certainly helped open my mind.

Learning and realising first hand the potential of CBD oils.
I realised that these products must continue to have their place within our society.

Hemp in it's plant form has proved its fantastic versatilities over many years.

I found a passion in giving value and helping others which motivated me to start this adventure.


The Journey

Dedicated to providing you the ultimate best natural products, we choose organic wherever possible.

The journey starts with CBD, but as we advance in this space we will naturally gravitate towards other plant based supplements.


 Mission Statement: 

  • Allow all to have access to the natural elements CBD continues to welcome on the human mind and body.
  • Top quality natural plant-based products with a down-to-earth focus on business and communication.
    • Integrating the natural alternatives within our culture and industries, easily accessible for the everyday human being.



    Welcoming the shift in wellness, self help/development and healthy lifestyles, in what has been a few years of self reflection and re-evaluation.

    A huge thanks to you guys for buying our products so far this year, every sale is appreciated!

    See the positive in every situation, this is the great awakening.


    Inflow Alternative:


    Inflow Alternative

    Derby, Derbyshire
    England, UK