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Organic | Full Spectrum

CBD Oils


We are passionate about the power of CBD and its versatile uses for both body and mind. Our carefully curated selection of CBD supplements and skincare products are designed to help you unlock your full potential and radiate from within.

By choosing Inflow Alternative you're joining a community of like-minded conscious individuals who prioritize self-care and holistic wellness.

Explore our website and discover a wide range of premium CBD offerings sourced from the finest ingredients!

This time I purchased 30% strength tincture oil but have done so many times with Inflow anyway! Product is just what I expected - great quality & perfect amount!

Will always use this service for my CBD needs.
Brought a 20% tincture oil recently from Inflow and couldn't be more pleased with the service.
Charlotte. E
I received my 20% CBD oil on time and was delighted with the outcome. Packaging and business card both looked great and the end result after taking 4 drops each night was really beneficial to me.
Greg. M
I really am so impressed, exactly as inflow described it to me but maybe also a bit more. As a long time sufferer of anxiety the 5% was like quieting the fuzz and distractions of the mind and allowing for mental clarity and focus, which if you suffer from anxiety is a dream come true and i can't recommend it enough.
Ben. S
I started buying Inflow CBD about a year ago having developed back pain a few years ago. Initially I wasn't a fan of CBD. When I first tried it I bought from Holland and Barrett as it was cheaper than Inflow, but it didn't help with my back pain at all. I was then told to give Inflow CBD a try and I haven't looked back.
Dan. G