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CBD Capsules

High concentrate broad spectrum soft gel capsules.

Lab tested to ensure the highest purity, quality and flavour.

CBD Sprays

CBD Sprays are fast-acting and have huge bioavailability with up to 15 times more than other oils or capsules.


All our skincare products are organic & 100% natural!

Not only is CBD ingested, it is amazing for your skin too.

CBD Oils

Our vegan CBD oils are our most popular sellers!

We source premium natural organic hemp which undergoes the gold standard in the extraction process (CO2) .


A proud advocate for the use of CBD products, a wide knowledge and true fascination of the great potential the plant has to offer us all. An ultimate passion for helping people coincides with a need for change in the way we approach our physical & headspace health.

By placing orders with us, you are crucially supporting a local business which is consciously motivated in sourcing the finest natural products that can bring the most value.

Inflow Alternative

CBD Massage Oil