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Which strength CBD oil should I use?

Which strength CBD oil should I use?

In this blog we hope to clear up some confusion and guide you in the right direction to choosing the perfect strength of CBD oil to match your needs.

Often our customers will choose a certain strength of CBD oil based on their reason for taking it, the severity of it and ultimately they're budget.

CBD oil comes in a wide range of different strengths or concentrations. This could leave you confused on which strength is best to order, however we are here to help!

Does CBD affect everyone in the same way?

The effect of CBD varies from one person to another. Certain factors include your body weight, metabolism, body size, overall health, tolerance and the concentration of CBD your consuming.

Some people find it helps to energise them, others tend to use it as a tool to relax and unwind.

Generally speaking, people who are bigger in size and weight will need to consume more CBD than those who are smaller.

CBD is not a medicine, unfortunately we are unable to recommend specific health problems that it may assist. However, speaking to your doctor about CBD, and the reasons why you want to use it is a great place to start. 

The key is to find the right strength and amount of drops that works for you!
We always recommend if you are new to taking CBD oil, you should start with a minimum amount of drops, with a low strength oil. Slowly increase the drops until you reach the desired effect (the sweet spot).

If you have used CBD oil before, you may have found the perfect strength and dosage already that meets your needs. You can then decide to increase or decrease the amount of drops depending on your personal preference. (E.g. reducing drops to make your bottle of CBD oil last longer or increasing to suit the specific need or occasion)

If you've used CBD Oil before but haven't reached your desired affect, you may want to either increase the amount of drops you consume, or purchase a higher strength CBD Oil.

According to the world health organisation (WHO) CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.

Inflow Alternative CBD Oils
We have made things easy for you guys when choosing our CBD oils with the colour coded labels.

Identifying our low, medium and high strength products by the colour of the label makes things simple and easy to understand for most.

Below you will find the range of colours we use and the strength to match.

10% - CBD Oil

20% - CBD Oil

30% - CBD Oil

Many of us start out using CBD oil with a trial and error approach.
We always recommend new users to start low and then gradually build up, only if you need to.

Initially it can be tricky figuring out which CBD oil to choose, hopefully this blog has made things easier for you to understand.

CBD has amazing potential and we know that finding your sweet spot is key.

If you are taking prescription medication It is also recommended that you speak with your doctor before using CBD products for any potential interactions.

If you need any more help or information on this feel free to contact us.
For a more specific accurate dosage calculator we recommend you use this useful website - https://cbddosagecalculator.com/

Supplement interactions checker (Medscape Database)